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Saving The Single Dad's Bookstore

After inheriting his late grandfather’s bookstore, Dominic Tang must make a big decision: keep it or sell. But manager Gianna Marchesi insists she can prove he should keep Tang’s Terrific Tomes open if he’ll stay in town for two months. Falling for the charms of the store—and Gianna—comes easy. But when property damage threatens his already-tight budget, will Dominic risk everything to follow his heart?

A doubtful owner. A determined employee.

Together, can they build a future?

Praise for Saving the Single Dad's Bookstore

"This is a book that I have been anticipating ever since reading its initial chapter, and it lived up to my expectations and more. Nicole Lam is skilled at drawing people into her stories and having them remain as a result of her well-paced writing that keeps readers suspended to the pages. Gianna and Dominic are relatable in their work struggles with their banter pointing to definite, underlying chemistry. Nicole writes such believable family interactions that these shine through the most in her books. Seeing her characters in the context of their families paints a more complete picture of their motivations and behaviour, enriching the story. This element is superbly carried out in Saving the Single Dad's Bookstore, where we can see cross-cultural dynamics at play."

--Christian Shelves, Blogger and Book Reviewer

"Nicole's writing style is commendable, as she effortlessly knits together a wonderful story with a perfect blend of romance, humor, and cultural intricacies. The narrative is well-paced, keeping the reader engaged.

While the story embraces the joy of budding romance, it also introduces challenges that test the characters' commitment to each other. The element of risk adds a layer of tension that keeps the narrative dynamic and relatable."

--Luanna, Book Reviewer

"This was a charming romance with a cast of characters with strong personalities. It had all of the feels that are necessary for a good romance - deep emotion and heart-tugging romance."

--Tammy, Book Reviewer

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