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A Novella in the For Love & Money Series


Getting married doesn’t mean living happily ever after. Katerina Devereaux and Alexander Steele learn that the hard way in this heartwarming Christian romance. 


After giving up her nursing career to move to New York, Katerina Devereaux is feeling purposeless. It doesn’t help that her brother’s immigration visa is in jeopardy and he might be sent back to Canada soon. Struggling to find her place in her new life, Katerina will have to rely on God and His plans for her.


Alexander Steele’s life is rocked when his long-estranged parents announce they’re getting back together. Shaken by the announcement, his newfound faith in God will be tested. It doesn’t make it easier when he and his new wife receive some news that will transform both of their lives… forever.


Renewal takes place between The CEO & The Christian Girl and The Royal & the Rich Girl, from September 2018 to Jan 2019.

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