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All Too Reel

Book 1 in the Love in L.A. series

One minute, I'm an aspiring actress, moonlighting as an overworked barista.

The next minute, I'm spilling an iced Americano on one of the world's most eligible--not to mention royal--bachelors.
I'm convinced he's going to make a scene and fire me, but instead, Prince Kostas Alexopoulos Vasileiou of Dorapolis drops to one knee and asks me to be his wife.

That is, his fake wife for a year, so he can inherit land and money from his grandmother's trust fund.
He offers me a diamond ring, five million dollars, and free publicity to help get my acting career off the ground, in exchange for marrying him. How can I resist?

The only problem is, I'm not sure this is an acting job I can pull off. Because while his offer is enticing, this Prince Charming is way more alluring. The longer our charade goes on, the more I wonder if our arrangement is still fake... because my feelings are becoming all too real.

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