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Christian | Chinese-Canadian | Romance Lover

I am a university student and 2021 Watty-winning author. My favourite genres to write and read are romance, historical, and fantasy, though I've been known to branch into mystery writing occasionally. All my books are clean, sweet, or Christian romances. I love writing heartwarming, relatable romances between two broken people who find something greater than themselves in each other. 

When I'm not writing romance, you can find me reading, playing piano, and crafting a 40-page thesis on 18th-century amatory fiction (aka the first romance novels). My most popular book has garnered over 500k reads on Wattpad. I am a 2018 shortlisted & 2021 Watty winning author. 

Having garnered over half a million reads on Wattpad, I recently published my first book, For The Record: a contemporary Hollywood romance with drama, celebrities, and scheming exes. The sequel to For The Record, ON THE BEAT, is slated to release in July 2022. 


On this website, you will find writing tips, book reviews, social commentary, sneak peeks of my books, and much more. Happy reading!

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