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The Royal & the Rich Girl


"Be real with me, Abigail. Please."

I paced the room, not wanting to look at him. "If I knew how, I would."

"You mean if you wanted to, you would," he corrected, reaching for me as I passed him. His hand closed around my wrist, and I wanted to recoil less than I needed to stay--less than I needed him to love me.

"If you knew anything real about me, I know you would leave." The words broke from my throat like a sob.

He pulled me into his chest, strong arms embracing me. "If you knew anything about me, you would know that I'm staying."


ABIGAIL STEELE: Happy. Bubbly. Leading the perfect life. At least... on the outside. On the inside, she hides secrets too dark to be shared, and scars that will never see the light of day-unless one man succeeds at uncovering them.

PRINCE EMANI: Royal. Religious. Loving. To him, family is everything. At least, it was until the incident years ago that separated him from them forever. He does his very best to support the girl who is falling apart on the inside, no matter how much she tries to conceal it.

But in the end, you can only try so hard on another person's behalf. In the end, they have to attempt to save themselves, too. That is, until God intervenes...

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