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Dear Future Husband.


These three words begin LADY ROSALIE WINTHROP'S every letter. When she was younger, her governess forced her to write letters to improve her penmanship. Now, the missives have become a record of her every thought and emotion - including the unbearable loneliness she faces. Rosalie has been sheltered and hidden away in isolation all her life, until the day of her eighteenth birthday, when her father will finally hold a grand ball where suitors can compete for her hand. That is when she makes the grandest - and most dreaded - debut in all of England.


MAXIMILIAN WALKER has had a difficult life, growing up as a penniless orphan and street urchin. But is he truly either one? He grew up on the streets of England for half his life before being taken in by a kindly upper-class family who had lost a son. Now, on the eve of his twentieth birthday, will he discover his true parentage-and perhaps, true love?

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