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For The Record

A Boss-Employee Romance

Book 1 in the Sweet Hollywood Romance Series

He’s her ex-boyfriend’s boss. She’s a too-attractive liability.

When publicist Skye Holland’s ex sings a song about her on America’s Got Talent, the black sheep in a family of movie stars is launched into internet notoriety. After receiving an ultimatum—work with her ex to promote his new album or be fired—she meets Leo Perez, record exec at Volume Records… and her ex-boyfriend’s new boss.

Leo Perez isn’t looking for love. He doesn’t have time for his family, let alone dating, not to mention someone seems to be sabotaging Volume Records. But when he runs into Skye Holland, he can’t help but be drawn to her.

Too bad their relationship isn’t exactly appropriate for the workplace: it’s riddled with ghosts of relationships past, office politics, and tabloid gossip. Can this couple make it, or will they be forced to face the music?

Praise for For The Record

"...the fun twist about this book was that neither Skye or Leo were technically celebrities (well, kind of, it's COMPLICATED). I really liked seeing the "rich and famous" world through the eyes of characters who worked/lived in the background (and WANTED to stay in the background); it was such an interesting take that didn't disappoint!" Pixie Perkins

"Nicole has an amazing ability to write descriptions in a way that makes you drawn to the scene and characters."

 —Amazon Reviewer

"The characters are perceptive, well-rounded, and dynamic; the plot is well-paced and engaging; and the descriptions are sharp and thoughtful. I absolutely recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun and wholesome read!"Carla, Amazon Reviewer

"You will fall in love with them as they are just like us, a bottle of mess that is trying its best with Lord’s help.
Totally recommended that book and any future book from this author."
—Beverly, Amazon Reviewer

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