Writing Tips: Description

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Hello and welcome to my post on writing description!

Here are a few tips and tricks.

1) Try to avoid using the words 'have/had/has' and 'were/are/was' in your description.

For example, try not to say "the tree had a birdhouse in it." Instead, you could say, "A birdhouse rested on the tree." Or, instead of saying, "There were blue curtains over the window" you could say "Blue curtains covered the window."

I also think this helps avoid writing boring description. For example, here's a description of a room that sounds rather boring.

There were red roses in a vase on the table. The table was round, and it had many chairs around it. The roses had a sweet scent, and there was a matching red rug on the floor.

Now, this paragraph might also be boring because all the sentences are of similar length and start with similar words (the and there) but they are also boring because of the sentence structure, Instead, try this:

Sweet-smelling red roses sat in a vase on the round table, with chairs encircling it. The roses matched the hue of the rug.

Now that's much more streamlined, and easier to read. (In my opinion!)

2) Use all five senses, or at least two or three of them.

Instead of just describing what you see, also try to throw in what you hear or smell. For example, at the beach, you might see golden sand and blue waves, but you could also hear seagulls squawking, the sound of the waves, and you could also smell the sea air.

Using all five senses in writing might be too overwhelming or lengthy of a description for your readers, but I recommend using two or three. You can have one sentence for each sense as to keep it from being too long.

3) It's okay, however, to use 'was' or 'have' and more simple descriptors for describing a person. I think when describing a person, it's best not to go overboard. There's no need to say someone's "glistening blue orbs stared out from their eye sockets" as we all know what people look like and that's a rather terrifying description. You can just say "he had blue eyes" and we will have a general idea of what you mean.

Recommended Resources: https://dreaminginink.wixsite.com/website/post/let-s-talk-description

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