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Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Welcome to another blog post! The month of October has been crazy busy for me—I had my 21st birthday, celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, and have been catching up on my schoolwork—so I didn't get to this post until later in the month. But I'm here now!

I've been writing on Wattpad for years (since 2013) but I started out writing fanfiction and uploading *very* sporadically. I've changed my bad writing habits since then.

Writing Habits I Changed:

1. Only writing when I feel like it

Let me explain. Before, I used to only write when I felt like it and I would only write a chapter a month or less. Now that I force myself to write at a scheduled time, I really get more writing done. This may be different for everyone, but for me, if I don't make myself write, I will never write even though I really want to or have lots of ideas.

Some people may feel this is harsh, but I feel that the more I force myself to write, the easier writing comes to me and the better I get at writing. Writing on Wattpad gave me the accountability to write more since I forced myself to update 1-2x a week and my readers were expecting me to update.

2. Writing 5+ stories at once

Over the years on Wattpad, I have made this mistake... many times. If you follow me, and have read my stories, you'll know from 2018-2019 I was writing The CEO & The Christian Girl, A Date with the Drug Dealer, and several other stories at once. This made it hard for me to keep up with my stories when I was already finding it hard to write a lot in the first place.

3. Starting 1 story without finishing the first one

Doing this means I often never finished the original story or finishing the second one that I started.

4. Not planning out my stories

This is the biggest problem that I had. Whenever I didn't plan out my stories, I would lose interest or run out of things to write in the middle of the story. However, ever since I've started plotting my books before I write, I manage to finish and write a lot more.

Which brings me to... How My Writing Process Works:

I use several platforms and online tools for writing.

I write all my stories in google docs. I used to write directly in Wattpad, but since Wattpad has had some outages, glitches, and problems in the past, I don't want to risk losing my work. Also, Google Docs helps me keep track of my total word count.

Plottr is a story-planning tool that costs about 50 USD for several licenses on 3 different devices. You can use it to keep track of characters, scenes, subplots, main plots, and more! There's colour-coding, different tags, and attributes that you can track for your scenes, characters, timelines, and more. I highly recommend Plottr and have been using it to plot many of my books this year since discovering it.

Even though I've been doing NaNoWrimo since 2017 (NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month FYI, where you write 50K words in the month of November, crazy I know) I've only completed it once in 2020. However, I love using their webite to keep track of my word count! You can create projects even outside of the NaNo event in November, and set writing goals. Setting writing goals has been one of the biggest motivators for me that made me wr

  • Wattpad

I have been writing on Wattpad for a long time, and over the past 8 years I have almost 2k followers (if you are one of them reading this, thank you!) and my most popular book has over 500k reads. Wattpad first helped me to finish books as I got feedback on them from other writers and readers, and helped me to have motivation when people read and enjoyed my books. I truly recommend Wattpad for anyone who wants to find a writing community.

That's all for this month's post! I hope it was helpful to you <3 To be the first to know about my new blog posts, books, and more, subscribe to my newsletter below!

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