My Most Anticipated Books of 2022

Keep reading for a list of my most anticipated upcoming romance books! These range from sweet romances, indie romance, to traditionally published Christian romance.

The Bluff by Emma St. Clair

After finishing—no, DEVOURING—The Buy-In (you can read my review of it here) I just HAVE TO read this book. I adore Emma St Clair's rom-coms and have ever since read her Love Cliches series. Her books are funny, sweet, and always make a girl laugh, swoon, and silently say "aww".

I'm also excited read more about the small-town setting of Sheet Cake that was explored in the first book! Plus, enemies to lovers AND boss-employee trope? Be still, my beating heart.


It's hard to be professional when you hate and are attracted to your boss in equal measure. Full synopsis to come!

Complex by Kortney Keisel

Compared was the first Kortney Keisel book I read, and I really enjoyed it! From the school setting, to the drama/tension of "how are the two characters going to get together when it's forbidden for them to date" to the cute interactions between the main leads and the male lead's son... ADORABLE!! Their meet-cute was also just so funny to me.

Thus, I'm super excited to read more of Keisel's books and especially this series.


Tessa Johnson is not looking for love. Her focus is on opening a new resort on the island of Turks and Caicos. But things get complicated when she meets the grumpy contractor overseeing the job site. Full synopsis to come.

Loving Gavin by Pixie Perkins

I follow Pixie on Instagram (@thepixieperkins) and I have been seeing so many cute snippets, aesthetics, reels, and teasers for this book that I cannot WAIT for it to be released. It's such an unconventional premise that I just know I'm going to be hooked. There's going to be drama, angst, cuteness, and humor like Pixie's other books that I've read (The Bah Humbug Bad Boy and My Dilemma) while still being a clean YA novel.


How far would you go to keep your crush a secret?

Mckessey Owens is in love with Gavin Miller (aka: her best friend’s older brother). Does anyone know about her feelings for him? HECK. NO. And she doesn’t want them to. So, it’s understandable that she freaks out when her partially written love letter for Gavin falls into the hands of her nemesis, Alex Miller (aka: her best friend’s evil twin).

Alex always manages to ruin EVERYTHING and Mckessey isn’t willing to let him sabotage her crush on Gavin, which is why she comes up with a crazy lie instead: she tells Alex the letter is about him.

Unfortunately, he’s not convinced and wants her to prove it.

Desperate to keep the truth hidden, Mckessey asks to be his girlfriend. And even though it’s very clear that he’s not interested in her—Alex agrees to them becoming a couple, expecting to be right about the whole thing.

But it’s only a matter of time until Mckessey finds out that pretending to be in love with one brother while secretly pining over the other brother is no easy task; especially when she has ZERO dating experience and starts realizing that Alex might not be as horrible as she thought…

Worthy of Legend by Roseanna M White

I will never stop reading Christian historical romance books. Ever. There is just something so enthralling and engrossing about the genre that makes me drawn to the books ever since I discovered them by reading Roseanna M White's The Lost Heiress. I have been addicted to her books ever since and I'm sure this book won't disappoint!


After a summer of successful pirate-treasure hunting, Lady Emily Scofield and her friends must hide the unprecedented discoveries they've made, thanks to the betrayal of her own family. Horrified by her brother, who stops at nothing to prove himself to their greedy father, Emily is forced to take a stand against her family--even when it means being cut off entirely.

Bram Sinclair, Earl of Telford, is fascinated with tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table--an interest he's kept mostly hidden for the last decade. But when a diary is unearthed on the islands that could lead to a secret artifact, Bram is the only one able to piece the legends together.

As Bram and Emily seek out the whereabouts of the hidden artifact, they must dodge her family and a team of archeologists. In a race against time, it is up to them to decide what makes a hero worthy of legend. Is it fighting valiantly to claim the treasure . . . or sacrificing everything in the name of selfless love?

The Scars We Ink in Gold

This is not a romance book like the others - instead, it's a beautiful poetry and art book! It's illustrated by an amazingly talented artist (Eymen) and accompanied by moving poetry by a masterful writer (Fiza). You can preorder it here!

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