My 2022 Writing Goals

Updated: Mar 19

Happy New Year!

Maybe it's just me, but does it ever feel like it's still 2020 to you? I can't believe we're already in the New Year.

To me, a new year means new goals! Specifically, new writing goals.

I have three main writing goals that I hope to accomplish this year.

  1. Write, edit, and publish the sequel to For The Record.

I'm not sharing any spoilers, but I *am* excited to announce that Ryder Black will be starring in the sequel! So if you liked reading about Skye Holland's ex-boyfriend in For The Record, you will really enjoy this book. All I can say is there will be enemies-to-lovers, exotic locations, and, of course, drama.

It will be approximately 72 000 words, and I'm so excited to dive in and write it.

The book should come out sometime summer 2022, so keep an eye out for book announcements as we get closer to the spring!

2. Write a brand new Russian bratva romance.

This will be coming to Wattpad in the latter half of 2022! I've already been planning it nonstop. It's called Better Days, based on this song, and it is going to be so fun to write. I cannot wait to dive into this after I finish my first writing goal.

Here's the cover and summary:

At twenty-two, Julianna Volkova is working in a bridal shop, shattering her mother's dreams of her becoming a doctor, and on the cusp of adulthood. Carving her own path is trickier than intended when her crush and childhood friend, Ivan Markov, recruits her younger brother into a local gang. When Ivan's older brother, Lukan, (devastatingly handsome and a former member of said gang) makes a sudden reappearance in their small town, Julianna asks for his help in saving her brother... but she might get more than she's bargained for.

At thirty-three, Lukan Markov has seen the world and barely made it out alive. Having left a gang but not without his own consequences, scars, and demons, the last thing he wants is to be dragged back into that life when Julianna Volkova comes knocking, asking for his help. But somehow, when it comes to her, he just can't help himself. He'll have to face his brutal past if it means saving a life... and maybe even winning a heart.

3. Finally, my last goal is to write and possibly query a second-chance romance.

This is going to be new (and possibly cliche) territory for me. I will be writing a second-chance romance set in a small town, complete with its own playlist of corny country songs, about a couple who used to date but broke up. And now, the big-city guy is flying back home to his small town for undisclosed reasons, and they fall in love again...

So, yeah, if you like Hallmark, it will be your cup of tea.

Do you have any goals for 2022, writing-related or otherwise? If so, drop a comment below and tell me what they are!

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