How To Read More Books

In 2020, I read 100 books (you can see my Goodreads year in books here) and in 2021, I halved that goal to 50 books. Now, technically, I cheated a little because I'm an English major and I read a LOT of books for class (about 4 per semester per class = 20 books in 4 months, approximately). However, I still have some tips for reading more books.

  • Don't force yourself to read a book you hate. If you start the book and the main character is annoying, the writing is awful, and the grammar is appalling, just put it down. Chuck it across the room. Delete it from your ereading app. Whatever you do, don't make yourself finish it, because you'll hate it.

  • Try out different reading formats! I find ebooks, ereaders, and audiobooks to be easier to read on the go (and yes, audiobooks count as reading to me). I really love ereaders because they're a one-purpose device — there are no distractions if you have an ereader that doesn't have Internet surfing capabilities.

  • Reread an old book that you really love. Diving back into a comfort book or series can be helpful to break you out of a reading slump, and rereading still counts as reading!

  • Dedicate time to reading every day. Maybe it's just one chapter (lol, when is it ever?) or ten minutes before bed or in the morning or on the bus. Whenever it is, decide to spend that time doing one thing: reading.

  • Don't read what you should be reading or what people are telling you to read. Read what you want to read!

I hope this post was helpful to you!

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